If you are reading this you stumbled across the LED cube in POST 318 and were curious enough to follow the link. KILLTHECUBE is an 64 LED WIFI enabled device. Each LED is individually controlled, except for a couple in the bottom row that I messed up in the assembly. Here is how you talk to it:

  1. Connect to the "KILLTHECUBE!" WIFI network. The password is the first 10 digits of the Euler's number(2718281828).
  2. In the programming language of your choice send a 64bit number which represents the LED state. Each 16 bit half word will be a cube row. Each bit in the half word is an LED value.

Port: 9002
Protocol: UDP

That's all there is to it. Here is a quick example I whipped up which uses ALSA to read the MIC level and display the result on the LEDs. The LEDs are kinda dim, so turn down the light. If you come up with something cool shoot me a message and I will link you to this article. Have fun!