OPQBox Update Oct 14

Box for a Box. Part 2.

After a few hours playing with Autocad and a laser cutter I managed to put together a prototype enclosure for the OpqBox 2. Her are some pictures for your enjoyment:

I think in two or three more iterations we will have a real awesome enclosure. For the next try at a box I am going to narrow down the cutout for the USB WIFI dongle and make some interlocking connection between the box walls.

Wifi made easy.

On a software front side I wrote a pretty neat wifi configuration app. If the OPQBox does not see a wifi network it has connected to before it will set up its own access point. A user can connect to this network and set up the WIFI using a web interface:

This means that the user never has to plug anything into the opqbox when its in operation; Its finally completely untethered.

I have been hunting a nasty bug somewhere in the DAQ chain. It seems that every once in a while, a data sample is lost. This results in a severe spike in the frequency, which is how I found this bug in the first place. More on that next time.