The noise we make

Here is a story of my typical evening as seen by the OPQBox deployed at my house. I come home to a dark house. It's 7pm on August 31 2016. Not much is happening on the power line:

I pop some leftovers into the toaster oven and relax with a book for a few minutes. The toaster oven regulates internal temperature by toggling its heating element on and off:

Once I am done with my dinner I put a kettle on the hotplate to make some tea. Just like the toaster oven, the inductive hotplate varies the output power by modulating its element. It's duty cycle however, is quite different.

I sip my tea for a few minutes catching up on some reading. My phone vibrates, tearing me away from my book. An email from my PI! He would like me to update the portfolio for tomorrows meeting! I mozy over to my PC and turn it on:

Once my computer boots up I enter my credentials. Notice the 1V dip in \(V_{rms} \) as the login procedures take place:

Next I fire up the web browser and get to work. My workstation does not have a solid state disk, so it takes full 4 seconds for my web browser to appear on my screen.

Finally! The portfolio is updated, and I can move on with my evening. Time to load up a video game:

I was never very good at video games.... time to exit to the OS.

Finally I turn the PC off:

9pm and I am back to reading my book. Power line is quiet again: